Hello, everyone! My name is Amanda and I am the latest „addition” to Lenguaesp teaching staff. 🙂 Let me share with you how I got on this career path.

I decided to take CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) as part of my continuing professional development. I was studying Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools, working as a teacher assistant and private English tutor in London, but I always wanted to move on and I knew that qualifying is actually the door to exciting teaching opportunities all over the world, that I will gain the skills and knowledge needed as a teacher and take pride in a certificate that is accepted globally.

The love of travel is one of the reasons that brought me to Lenguaesp in Bucharest.  I was pleased to find out that Lenguaesp promotes the „student-centred learning” methodology, which is totally different than the education system in many countries where the teacher actually stands in front of the class involving a lot of teacher talk time and students sit independently.

My aim is to help promoting this methodology where:

  • Student learning becomes the main preoccupation of the teacher (not his/her performance as a teacher or a raw number of facts to be transmitted to the students);
  • Students come with their own perceptual framework;
  • Focus is not just on what is taught but on how effective learning should be promoted;
  • Personalised/individualised responses are encouraged. This helps to foster creativity in students;
  • Students construct their own meaning by talking, listening, writing, reading, and reflecting on content, ideas, issues and concerns;
  • Learning is recognized as an active dynamic process in which connections (between different facts, ideas and processes) are constantly changing and their structure is continually reformatted. Such connections are fostered through dialogue between teacher and students, and students with their peers. This makes „student-centred learning” a highly social enterprise that requires the constant development of human relationships and communication.

Thinking in „student-centred” terms should be at the heart of our educational effort.

As a team, we at Lenguaesp take the responsibility to care about our students’ effective learning and we hope this will be effective in Romania as well.

Looking forward to meeting you soon in my English classes!